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Danish Shah

Hello. I’m a designer who codes. I strive to create simple, original, and impactful user experiences. I’m able to take ideas from concept to wireframe to prototype to production.\n I do Brand Identity Design and UI/UX design. I also do illustration and 3D designs for fun. I am a self taught designer, unlike others I created my own processes around these things but also made sure that I follow the standards that delivers the best outcomes.\n As a full stack developer, I work on products that scale and deliver the best user experience. I have experience shipping products built on techstack like Ruby on Rails, GraphQL and React. When is comes to development I focus on delivering UX while maintaining DevX.

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Danish Shah

Regarding privacy concerns, it's simple - we don't sell your data. In fact, we try to use privacy-focused software/services like Fathom Analytics whenever we use any third-party services.